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Teo Pallet Inverter

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TEO Pallet Inverters have been delivered to many of Norways dairies. They are used for turning cheese during maturation, switching out pallets when entering clean zones, or switching to transportation pallets.

TEO Pallet Inverter is constructed for turning goods on Euro-pallets 180 degrees upside-down. It can also change the pallet in the process. The lowest height possible is 30 cm, and the highest is made to customer needs.

The pallets can be inserted with forklift or jacking trolley. Before the first start, an empty pallet must be in the top position. The turning cycle is activated by the push of a button, and the process goes automatically from there. The pallet that has been switched out will be in the top position afterwards, ready for the next load. The Inverter is protected with a fence and optical sensors.