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Calibration Services

The Teo calibration laboratory calibrates tensile and compressive scales.

That means comparing an object with a more accurate reference instrument so that the object’s accuracy can be established. A calibration certificate is then issued, showing the deviation at various loads.

The calibration machine was built and developed by Teo Teknikk. It utilizes the leverage effect and a moving weight to achieve the desired load with extreme accuracy and repeatability. The machine is currently being automated, and this will increase its capacity considerably.

Some facts:

  • Tensile scales from 0 – 120 tons
  • Compressive scales from 0 – 100 tons
  • Running line monitors from 0 – 120 tons
  • Calibration of torque tools
  • Fast delivery times
  • Adjustment and repairs carried out by experienced personnel
  • Accreditation according to NS 17025 is well on its way
  • Instruments with mA or mV/V output can also be calibrated
  • Customers can view their certificates and equipment history in the online library